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In November, Alisa will be teaching with a colleague at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg DEI Conference,
“Embracing DEI in the Wake of SCOTUS Decisions.” The program description follows:

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued decisions affecting the extent that service industries (think bakeries) and institutions of higher education can and cannot consider diversity in their operations. So many of the commentators have declared these decisions the apocalypse for efforts to achieve a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace to which people feel they truly belong. But that is not true – and you should continue your efforts in the DEI sphere within your agencies and your communities. We will review the SCOTUS decisions in everyday terms (even though we are both lawyers) and discuss the real life implications of these decisions. We will work with you during this interactive program to define practices consistent with the SCOTUS decisions and your DEI objectives, with a “best practices” perspective. This will include developing practices “consistent” with the doomsayers, as some declaring the apocalypse may be responsible for the very agencies you represent, and we want you to be able to successfully present your proposals to the powers-that-be without having to worry about legal analysis. Bring your questions, suggestions and anything else you can think of – the best is yet to come, and it will come from you.

Watch this space for more information.


In addition, Alisa will be teaching her “Personnel Law 101” course in April in Indianapolis for both Women in Fire and FDIC. Stay tuned.

Alisa will be presenting on pregnancy-related rights in the Firehouse along with John Rukavina at Fire-Rescue International in August in Kansas City.
Click here for more information – Fire-Rescue International IAFC’s 150th Anniversary.

In the near future, they will be discussing the same topic on the United States Fire Administration podcast. Stay tuned for more information.

Congratulations to Alisa on again being named an Illinois SuperLawyer in the area of employment and labor law.

Alisa participated in the drafting of a Toolkit for firefighters/paramedics with respect to basics addressing potential discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. For more information and to get a copy of the Toolkit, click here.

Alisa will be presenting along with retired Public Safety Director John Rukavina at the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs Conference in Wilmington, Delaware, in June. Their new program, “One of Your Firefighters is Pregnant – Now What?” is very timely. Alisa and the IAFC Bullying Behavior Taskforce will also be presenting their Workplace Bullying program, as well as training individuals to lead this program, at the conference. More information to come here.

Alisa also is thankful that the National Volunteer Fire Council has invited her to speak in June as to why Volunteer Fire Departments should be cognizant of various employment laws to spur recruitment and retention. For registration, click here.